Well, after much deliberation, I decided to finally color the picture I made for George deValier’s FanFiction “Lily of the Lamplight.” 

Unfortunately, I started coloring it in the car and only had my touchpad. So, this is colored completely with my computer’s touchpad on Paint Tool SAI. 

Time: Approx. 6 1/2 Hours 

Remember this photo I drew for George deValier’s FanFiction Lily of the Lamplight?

He commented on it.

Now maybe I shouldn’t be spazzing so hard over this, but OMG IT MADE MY DAY. 

I swear, it is the best graduation present EVER.

My finished SuFin pic for George deValier from his fic “Lily of the Lamplight.”

Mmmppphh… it’s sideways (and a crappy webcam photo), but this is the start of my “Lily of the Lamplight” SuFin fanart. I’m exhausted and truly need sleep, but I’ve put off my English homework for too long now and need to finish reading “King Lear.” I’ll scan this in when I finish the lineart for a better picture, then again when I completely shade it (yup, only pencil art from this chick).
Night all!

Of course…

It’s only at 12:30AM that I get the urge to draw. And “Lily of the Lamplight” fanart as well. BRB everyone, I’m going to go draw Berwald holding a rifle with Tino’s picture on it.

I finished the update…

All the feels…



I’m truthfully not sure how to take this update. 

On one token, I’m overly happy that Feli is better and Ludwig’s alive (well, as alive as a severely depressed/war-worn person can be)…

But on the other, WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH GILBERT!?!?! All of Roderich’s expressions and mannerisms point to Gilbert either being dead or MIA. (I’m severely hoping for the MIA at this point…). I don’t think I could stand Gilbert being dead. That would be too heartbreaking.

Thank God George said we won’t have to wait as long for the next update. 
I think I speak for most of us when I say I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! 

Auf Wiedersehen Chapter 14

Just read the update. 
At the beginning, I was freaking out, kind of not wanting to in case something bad happened again. But I was like “ASDFGHJKL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FELI!!!”

And I read.


Then the ending came. And that left me like “TT.TT Why!?! Has there not already been enough grief for these poor people!?!”

I mean, I should have saw it coming. Ludwig DID commit treason against his country. I know there’s an extremely high likelihood he’s going to be punished severely for his actions, and knowing the WWII German military it most likely won’t be pretty. But I have higher hopes for his safety that anyone else. He’s the perfect picture of a German ARYAN Male. Everything Hitler wanted his people to look like. And no one in the German military knows he’s Gay, so no real worries there. Truthfully, I believe he’s going to get it lighter than most people will. Probably something along the lines of an extreme demotion and be put under surveillance never to fly again. (Which I think will only break his ties to Germany even more.) He might get a minor torture treatment, but would they really want to horribly damage such a perfect ARYAN man? I don’t think so.

So, I’m not NEARLY as upset at the end of this chapter that I was at the end of chapter 13. If events continue to be as lucky as they actually have been, we might have a happy ending for this story after all.


At Like 1:30am the update for Auf Wiedersehen came in. And I was all like “ASDFGJHKL YES UPDATE!!!!…I should go to sleep… NO GEORGE TAKES IMPORTANCE OVER SLEEP!!!” 


And I read it. 

And I cried. 

*spoilers start here*

It was 2am, and there was no way I could fall asleep. I laid there for going on 3 or so hours just crying, and figuring out who would do that to poor Feli, analyzing past text in my head from every story. I’m not posting anything until now because I wanted my response to be well thought out and not just pure fangirl angst.

In “We’ll Meet Again,” Alfred mentions he hadn’t seen Feli while he was there, but he also says he talked to Ludwig the entire time during the escape, and wouldn’t a subject like Feli be something that would come up? And Alfred also says he hopes that they have a chance for a bright future at one point, so there are subtle hints in both ways relating to whether Feli is alive or dead. (Couldn’t Feli just be lying in another room the whole time comatose? *insert hopefulness here*)

Also, who did it!?! I had several guesses, and right away my sister shot down at least one. It isn’t Lovino, he’s screaming Feli’s name right along with Ludwig

 ’Then Lovino’s voice screamed through Feliciano’s head. ”FELI!”…

"O mio Dio… mio Dio…” Lovino was panicking. Everything was coming from so far away.’

So it’s not him.

But we also don’t know what exactly Antonio wrote in that note, and we don’t actually know if Feli read what was inside the note (correct me on this if I’m wrong, it’ll pull a list of suspicions out from under me…) so we don’t know if this is Antonio’s fault either, but Antonio was good friends with both sides at points in time, so it’s unlikely it’s him, even though he had been tortured, I doubt he would want to hurt his friends.

There’s always the chance that Sadiq double-crossed him, but he’s really only there for the money, so unless the some other Germans have him on their payroll, I highly doubt Sadiq’s behind it. But we can’t let him away free either.

My biggest guess (if it actually is a Hetalian and not just a random German soldier) is Gilbert. Now this may seem like it’s being pulled from nowhere, but we do know from “Lily of the Lamplight” (spoilers for Lily of the Lamplight) that Gilbert has been sent to his death in Russia and is trying to escape. It’s likely Gilbert is going to look for his brother, and Gilbert would know of the dangers of the Resistenzia (sp?), and may shoot Feli seeing him as a danger to Ludwig without knowing of the relation at first, but jumping in and reacting before seeing that Feli was really just showing love for Ludwig.

And a random guess from nowhere is it may be Vash (Switzerland), but the only thing that comes from is past knowledge from the actual series that Vash is an expert marksman. I have no other proof to this case than that.  What a surprise it would be if it actually turned out to be him!

If anyone would like to discuss their point of view with me, I would be overjoyed. I think I need to talk with someone about it…

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