Sober Gamzee Style ( Short Cover of Gangnam Style - PSY )

I’m sorry. I had to do it.



Sober Gamzee Style

Gamzee Style

Yeah, they call me crazy when I’m motherfuckin sober

Cause they ain’t got a foot hold on my soper slime persona

But they all can’t see the truth the great messiahs tellin

So I’ll shoot, club, kill em all.

And then they start to run, 

But shit they don’t know what they’re doin

Hell It’s fuckin fun, 

type all the logs to make em sweat,

And then we Make it clear,

That things have only really started,

The dark carnival

welcome to the carnival.

I’m a high blood, subjugglator

Gonna mess you up, ( honk )

Gonna fuck things up, ( honk )

Got my Clubkind, A sopor free mind

Let’s subjugate ( honk )

Some lowblood hate, ( honk )

Share the mirthful message with the sound of honks

( honks honks honks - )

Sober Gamzee Style

Gamzee Style

Sober Gamzee Style